Orsa by Night (2015)
Thomas Tidholm Jonas Knutsson

Thomas Tidholm Jonas Knutsson 
Country & Eastern 2015 CE35

The music from Orsa was still there somewhere in the centre - tunes with singular twists, full of tales .We wanted to hear these more clearly, and therefore we started playing them more slowly. Sometimes we had to stop in the middle and look around in order to understand properly. Drones and shifts arose, we played the tunes ever more freely. Lots of associations came and we made room for them - canicles and songs, tales of our own, new tunes. Shostakovitch sat in a corner, Gil Evans made a polska, anything could happen. We never left Orsa but the world became a little bigger every time. We started recording. We met on and off for five years.

Thomas Tidholm - clarinet, texts, flutes, percussion, arrangements, compositions
Jonas Knutsson - sopranino, soprano, alto, baritonesaxophones, flutes percussion, keyboards, arrangements, compositions, recording and mixing

1. Orsa by Night
2. Polska efter Gil
3. Vår och vimplar
4. Lillpolskan
5. Polska efter Höök Olle
6. En ros utsprungen
7. Efter Lunch
8. Nu är det sommar
9. Brännkyrkagatan
10. Pellar Anna
11. Raga efter Grins Hans
12. Sorglösa Vals 

Listen to Polska efter Gil here


Livsmedel (2014)
Jonas Knutsson Quartet
Anders Persson Clas Lassbo Rafael Sida  


Jonas Knutsson Quartet "Livsmedel" 2014
(Jonas Knutsson Musikproduktion AB JKMP01)
'Livsmedel' (to live),  the new album from this quartet of the last decade, infused with it´s characteristic for uninhibited, melodic music steeped in the grooving jazz tradition.
Jonas Knutsson - soprano, alto, baritone saxophones / compositions
Anders Persson - piano
Clas Lassbo - double bass
Rafael Sida - drums, percussion, voice

1. Lyftet
2. Windmill
3. Kumare / Magdalenapolskan
4. La fête de la pomme
5. Hymn (No.2)
6. Inside story
7. Livsmedel
8. For Areatha
9. Melts dualities
10. Diimst 

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Nos Honks (2014)
Anna Roussell Markus Tullberg Jonas Knutsson


Nos Honks "Prisma" 2014 (Kap Syd KAPCD0006)

Anna Roussel - Wooden Flute, Vocals
Maekus Tullberg - Wooden Flute 
Jonas Knutsson - soprano, baritone saxophones 

1.A minuit á New York
2. Änglar
4. Jái fait une maitresse /
Suite de Kas a barh
5. Jeppson
6. Wounded Hussar / Jolly tinker
7. Liemmi
8. Gangar impulsiv
9. Méthaphore
10. Sinfonia 10 / Åkerbystålet
11. Du cidre pour le désert
12. Känslor och kakor 

Sånger Från Norr (2014)
Lisa Lestander Jonas Knutsson Mats Öberg


Lisa Lestander "Sånger från norr" 2014 (Playing with music WP87263PWM15)
Lisa Lestander - sång
Mats Öberg - keyboards, autoharp, harmonica
Jonas Knutsson - sopranino, sopran, alt, barytonsax


Alla Drömmars Sång (2013)
Willemark Knutsson Öberg


Alla drömmars sång 2013 (Country & Eastern CE25)
Lena Willemark - sång

Mats Öberg - piano, harmonica
Jonas Knutsson - sopran, alt, barytonsax


Blåslåtar (2010)
Jonas Knutsson


Blåslåtar 2010 ( Country & Eastern CE16)
I have along with my other musical projects in jazz and world music studied swedish folk music since the eighties from many different sources, old fiddlers and other musicians as well as from notations and old recordings. On july first 2010 I recorded 31 melodies of traditional swedish folk music from different parts of Sweden on solo saxophone. Nominated for Swedish Grammy 2011.

Jonas Knutsson: sopranino-, sopran-, alt-, baritone saxophones

1. Polska efter Tommos Anders, Älvdalen, Dalarna
2. Köiklåten, Skarvsjöby, Lappland
3. Hinders Jerks Polska, Bingsjö, Dalarna
4. Hambraeuspolskan, Orsa, Dalarna
5. Polska Efter Junkas Jonas, Bingsjö, Dalarna
6. Polska Efter Karns Hans, Orsa, Dalarna
7. Polska Efter Mats Hansoo, Älvdalen, Dalarna
8. Lorikspolska Nr 1, Orsa, Dalarna
9. Lorikspolska Nr 3, Orsa, Dalarna
10. Jemsken, Älvdalen, Dalarna, Bingsjö, Dalarna
11. Min levnads afton, Bingsjö, Dalarna
12. Polska Från Skog, Skog, Hälsingland
13. Polska Efter Per- Johan Arnström, Bäsksjö, Lappland
14. Polska Efter Knuter Jon, Ore, Dalarna
15. Magdalenapolskan, Småland
16. Grins Hans Jässpödspolska, Rättvik, Dalarna
17. Norrlandssommar, Åsele, Lappland
18. Låt Efter Taklax, Taklax, Korsnäs, Österbotten
19. Orsa Storpolska, Orsa
20. Gammal Polska E Bleckos, Orsa, Dalarna
21. Polska Efter Jon Marsen, Bäsksele, Lappland
22. Lappolska, Åsele, Lappland
23. Lillpolskan, Orsa, Dalarna
24. Polska Efter Pekkos Per, Bingsjö, Dalarna
25. Polska Efter Pers Olle, Rättvik, Dalarna
26. Snygg Olles Polska, Rättvik, Dalarna
27. Tokpolskan, Bingsjö, Dalarna
28. Forslundspolskan, Orsa, Dalarna
29. Polska Från Barsebäck, Barsebäck, Skåne
30. Om Dagen, Vilhelmina, Lappland
31. Baggbölebäckens Klagan, Umeå, Västerbotten




Horn Please
Jonas Knutsson & Horn Please


Horn Please  (Country & Eastern CE08)

I been leading this group with some of the best of the young swedish folk musicians for some years in a music that flows from the traditional to the newly composed and from the strictly arranged to the freely improvised. Six saxophones plus bass and percussion - you haven't heard anything like it before.

Jonas Knutsson: saxophones, arrangements, compositions
Åsa Johansson: saxophones
Alexandra Särström: saxophones
Hanna Wiskari: saxophones
Daniel Carlsson/Reid: saxophones
Klas Toresson: saxophones
Bengt Jonasson: electric bass
Petter Berndalen: percussions

  1. 1.a Lorikspolskan
  2. Gudmunds Kalles polska
  3. Vals från Vilhelmina
  4. Ol' i Tängsta
  5. Snygg Olles polska
  6. Anna-Gretas polska
  7. Pelle på molnet
  8. Hannas horn
  9. Vinterpolska
  10. Horn Klas
  11. Polska efter Jon Marsen
  12. Moi
  13. Glaciär
  14. Tokpolskan
  15. Mayee-Tharangini
  16. Bosambo-Revati
  17. Máret Ánn


Skaren: Norrland III
Jonas Knutsson & Johan Norberg 


Jonas Knutsson: saxofoner, Johan Norberg: gitarrer
Kraja: sång; Lisa Lestander, Eva Lestander, Linnea Nilsson , Frida Johansson 
Nominated for Swedish Grammy 2010 


Jonas Knutsson & Mats Öberg


Jonas Knutsson: saxophones, Mats Öberg: keyboards harmonica


Memories of Joe Zawinul
Jonas Knutsson Quartet



Jonas Knutsson: saxophones
Anders Persson:piano
Rafael Sida: percussions
Clas Lassbo: acoustic bass


Himlen har inga hål
Thomas Tidholm & Jonas Knutsson


Thomas Tidholm: poems, clarinet
Jonas Knutsson: saxophones


Jonas Knutsson & Johan Norberg


Jonas Knutsson; saxophones
Johan Norberg: guitars, kantele
Nominated for Swedish Grammy


Jonas Knutsson Quartet


Jonas Knutsson: saxophones,
Sebastien Dubé: acoustic bass,
Anders Persson: piano
Rafael Sida: percussions


Up Close
Berger Knutsson Spering


Bengt Berger: drums
Jonas Knutsson: saxophones
Christian Spering: acoustic bass



As a leader 
2014 Jonas Knutsson Quartet "Livsmedel" JKMP01 
2010 Jonas Knutsson "Blåslåtar" CE16 Country & Eastern
2008 Jonas Knutsson Quartet ”Memories of Joe Zawinul” Tmc CD 028 Touche Music
2007 Jonas Knutsson ”Horn Please” CE08 Country & Eastern
2002 Jonas Knutsson Quartet ”Jonas Knutsson Quartet” Tmc CD 018 Touche Music
1997 Jonas Knutsson ”Malgomaj”  WPCS-10058 Warner/Atrium 
1997 Jonas Knutsson  ”Flower in the Sky” (compilation) JCD 04002 ACT Music
1994 Jonas Knutsson  ”Lust” Caprice Records CAP 21459
1992 Jonas Knutsson ”Vyer” Caprice Records CAP 21426

”Norrland”  Jonas Knutsson /Johan Norberg
2008 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Skaren” Norrland III ACT 9474-2 ACT 
2005 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Cow Cow” Norrland II  ACT 9425-2  ACT  
2004 Jonas Knutsson/Johan Norberg ”Norrland” GAFCD1066 Gazell Records 

Berger Knutsson Spering
2015 Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz "Blue Blue" CE34 Country & Eastern
2005 Berger Knutsson Spering & Friends
”See you in a minute” memories of Don Cherry CE 03 Country & Eastern with Neneh Cherry, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Lars Almqvist, Per Tjernberg, Christer Bothén, Mats Öberg, Bengt Berger, Christian Spering, Jonas Knutsson
2004 Berger Knutsson Spering ”Up Close” Amigo 
2003 Mirja Mäkele Berger Knutsson Spering ”Arco Iris” IMPALA007  Texicalli Records OY 
2001   Berger Knutsson Spering ”at Glenn Miller Café, Live Vol 2” AMCD890 Amigo
2001   Berger Knutsson Spering ”at Glenn Miller Café, Live Vol 1” AMCD889 Amigo
1997   Berger Knutsson Spering ”Om Natten” AMCD880 Amigo

Beches Brew
2012 Beches Brew Big CE 27 Country and Eastern
2006  Beches Brew CE 13 Country and Eastern 

 Jonas Knutsson / Mats Öberg
2014 Lisa Lestander/Jonas Knutsson/ Mats Öberg "Sånger från Norr" Playing with music PWM15
2013 Lena Willemark/Jonas Knutsson/ Mats Öberg ”Alla drömmars sång" CE25 Country & Eastern
2008 Jonas Knutsson/ Mats Öberg ”Live” CE10 Country & Eastern
1995 Jonas Knutsson/Mats Öberg ”Vadårå Vadårå” SEGCD-1 Seg Records

Thomas Tidholm / Jonas Knutsson
2015 Thomas Tidholm/Jonas Knutsson "Orsa by Night" CE 35 Country and Eastern
2006 Thomas Tidholm/Jonas Knutsson ”Himlen har inga hål" PPCD 03 Paraphon 

Nils Landgren / Christmas with my friends
2016: Christmas with My Friends V (ACT)
2014: Christmas with My Friends IV (ACT), with Jonas KnutssonJohan Norberg, Jeanette KöhnJessica PilnäsSharon DyallEva Kruse and Ida Sand
2012: Christmas with My Friends III (ACT), with Sharon Dyall, Jonas Knutsson, Jeanette Köhn, Eva
Jessica Pilnäs, Ida Sand, and Johan Norberg
2008: Christmas with My Friends II (ACT), with Jeanette Köhn, Jessica Pilnäs, Sharon Dyall, Ida Sand, Jonas Knutsson, Johan Norberg & Eva Kruse
2005: Christmas with My Friends (ACT), with Jeanette Köhn, Viktoria Tolstoy, Lars Danielsson, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ulf Wakenius Johan Norberg, Johan Norberg, Jonas Knutsson (Guest performance )

Gunnel Mauritzson Band

2008 Gunnel Mauritson Band ”Det som sker” 
2003 Gunnel Mauritzon ”Raisu äut” XOUCD 138” Xxource

Mats / Morgan
2002 Mats/Morgan ”Mats/Morgan on air with guests”  UAE disc 15 UAE
1996 Mats Öberg/ Morgan Ågren ”Trends and other diseases"

2014 Nos Honks "Prisma" Kap Syd KAPCD00006
2013 Exivious "Liminal" with Tymon Kruidenie
2013 Jeanette Köhn & Swedish Radio Choir "New eyes on baroque" ACT 9547-2 with Nils Landgren, Johan Norberg, Jonas Knutsson, Eva Kruse
2011 Be Five Live! "Blues for E.D." GAFCD-114 Gazell with Bengt Ernryd, Bengt Berger, Mats Öberg, Christian Spering, Jonas Knutsson
2009 Jonas Knutsson Mathilde Renault ”Louana” IGL210 Igloo
2007 Gushpanka ”Gushpanka” APCD 009 Apart Records
2007 Paavo ”Paavo” APCD 008 Apart Records
1999 Ale Möller/Jonas Knutsson ”Latitudes Crossing”  3984-29704-2 Warner/Atrium
1999 Bengt Bergers Old School ”All Time High” AMCD 885  Amigo
1996 Martin Löfgren Quartet ”Flow” AMCD 875  Amigo
1990 Encore ”Encore” CAP 21394  Caprice Records
1988 Kennedy Brothers Quartet ”Song for Sarah” Sison SIS 005 with Tom Kennedy, Ray Kennedy, Magnus Gran, Jonas Knutsson, Rune Eliasson

Bertrand Renaudin
2002 Bertrand Renaudin ”Turbulent Silence” 987630 CC Production with Enrico Rava, Palle Danielsson, Jonas Knutsson, Olivier Cahours
2000 Bertrand Renaudin ”lárbre voyage” 987628 CC Production with Herve Sellin, Yves Rosseau, Gueorgui Kornazov, Jonas Knutsson

2001 Triptyk ”Midwinternights mass” 8573-85817-2 Warner Atrium with Ola Bäckström, Johan Hedin, Jonas Knutsson
1998 Triptyk ”Triptyk” 3984-22197-2 Warner Atrium

1997 Enteli ”Live” AMCD 738 Amigo with Lena Willemark, Ale Möller, Johan Söderquist, Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson
1995 Enteli JRR Tolkien ”Sagan om ringen” SRPROF 637 Sveriges Radio
1994 Enteli ”Enteli” PSCD77  Phono Suecia 

1996 Lena Willemark/Ale Möller ”Agram” ECM 1610 533 099-2
1994 Lena Willemark/Ale Möller ”Nordan” ECM 1536 523 161-2 with Lena Willemark, Ale Möller, Per Gudmundsson, Mats Edén, Palle Danielsson, Tina Johansson, Jonas Knutsson, Björn Tollin

1994 Cabazz ”Kaotica” DRCD 241 Dragon Records
1990 Cabazz ”Far Away” DRCD 194 Dragon Records
1987 Cabazz  ”Chinese Garden” DRLP 150  Dragon Records with Anders Forsberg, Per Westerlund, Morgan Ågren, Mikael Berglund, Robert Törne, Jonas Knutsson

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble
1993 Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble  ”Senses” CAP21442  Caprice Records
1989 Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble  ”Secrets of living” CAP 21377  Caprice Records
1985 Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble ”Sacred Hearts”  VFLP 1006  Vanity Fair

2003 Mynta ”Teabreak” RRCD 113  Riverside 
1988 (Återutg 1990) ”Indian time” veraBra Records vBr 2037-2
1987 Mynta och Maritza Horn ”Bara för längtan” Grammofon Electra AB PD71342
1985 Mynta ”Short Conversation” FATLP 8   Fat Records

As a guest 
2016 Arne Forsén Alagi M´Bye Jonas Knutsson ”Mansa Konko” QACD-06 Quica Records
2015 Katarina Barruk "Bàruos
2015 Rickard From "Rickard From & The Organics"
2013 Exivious - Tymon Kruidenier ”Liminal” Season of Mist Liminal
2011 Kraja ”Brusand Hav” WP87199  Westpark Music
2010 Haci Tekbilek ”Türlü” CE15 Country and Eastern
2008 Souso & Maher Cissoko "Adouna"
2004 Ale Möller Band ”Bodjal” AMCD 752  Amigo Music
2003 Lisa Rydberg ”Östbjörka” GAPCD-1065 Gazell
1998 Johan Hedin "Angel Archipelago" Warner Music
1998 Ulla Pirrtijärvi "Ruossa Eanan" Warner Music
1998 Mikael Berglund ”Memories & Visions” FLC CD 159 Four Leaf Records
1997 Fredrik Thorendal´s Special Defects ”Sol Niger Within”
1995 Erik Steen Flamenco Fusion ”Entre Atarecer Y Amanecer  RUBCD 11 Rub A Dub Records
1995 Bengt Berger ”Tarang” RUBCD 12  Rub A Dub Records
1994 Erik Weissglass ”Stoneheater”  TR001 Turtle Records
1993 Johan Söderquist ”Life (to be)" Classic Hawk CLHCD 709
1987 Björn J:son Lindh ”Feather Nights” LCM C-105  LCM Records

POP (as a guest) 

2011 Svante Thuresson ”Regionala nyheter” Stockholmsdelen 5052498506828 Metronome Records
2011 Jessica Pilnäs ”Bitter Sweet” EMO 4001-2 ACT Music
1999 Eilert Pilarm ”Eilert Pilarm och Partybandet live in Stockholm” EPCD 1 Nostradamus Records
1999 Roxette ”Have a nice day” 7243 4 98853 2 5  Roxette Recordings / EMI
1995 Kee Marcello ”Shine On” 955.031-2  CNR Music    
1993 Jörn Hoel  ”Leapin´Lizzards”   7243 8283262  Parlaphone
1991 Eric Gadd ”Do you believe in Gadd” 9031-73036-2 Metronome
1991 Eva Dahlgren ”En blekt blondins hjärta” STATCD 29  The Record Station
1990 Marie Bergman ”Heya Heya” STATCD 25  The Record Station
1989 Eric Gadd ”Hurra du lever, Pang du är död” 838745-2 Mercury
1989 Lena Philipsson "My name" BBRCD 112
1988 Sezen Aksu ”Sezen Aksu 88”  SN Müzik Yapim
1988 Björn Skifs "BS" EMI Svenska AB URSUS
1987 Eric Gadd ”Hello” MLR 58 Mistlur Records
1986 Peter Lundblad ”Ta mig till Havet” SLP-2779  Sonet Grammofon AB

1996 Elise Einarsdotter ”Rosenäng” CAP 21527  Caprice Records
1995 Johan Söderquist/ Jojje Wadenius / Janne Schaffer  ”Till alla barn” CAP  Caprice Records
1993 Georg Riedel ”Till Amanda” CAP  21438  Caprice Records

As a producer
2016 Rollin´Phones "Dedicated"  Grappa GRCD4463
2013  Estonian Folk Orchestra ”Imemaa” EFO001
2010 KMH Folk ”KMH Folk 2010” KMHCD 23  Academus
2009 Max Schultz & Erik Söderlind ”Dedications” TMcCD 031
1999 Dalila ”Soberana” Anagram CD4  Anagram Records

Music for film
2009 "Jaguaren" Animated film by Mattias Gordon based on the book by Ulf Stark and Anna Höglund
2004 "Vid sumpiga sjöars stränder" Film by Thomas Tidholm
1994 "Granskogen i våra hjärtan" Regi: Gunilla Ambjörnsson Music by Enteli

Music for storytelling performance
2014 "Västerbotten ordsatt-tonsatt-framkallat". Is a storytelling performance by Marianne Folkedotter. Music: Jonas Knutsson and Johan Norberg. Photographs: Sune Jonsson, Västerbottensteatern

Musik för radio theater
1995 Enteli JRR Tolkien ”Sagan om ringen”(Lord of the rings) SRPROF 637 Sveriges Radio